Tuesday, April 27


I am sure if you follow this blog you have heard me say how important I believe it is to find creativity whenever a person can. I especially try to ingrain this into my children. I hand them crayons, markers, paper, paint, glue, string, beads and every other possible thing in which to be creative. I sit back as the masterpieces roll in. I have an entire wall space dedicated to their works of art.

It was no surprise then the other night when my son began getting creative with dinner. He is four and has Aspergers and a few other issues that have him looking through different eyes than you and I. I love his insight and creativity. What we once viewed as a disability has now given us a new and beautiful perspective on the word “normal. Anyways, that isn’t why I write this morning.

I wanted to share “Astro-Boy”. His latest food creation. Chicken nugget, fries and ketchup! He told us a big story to go along with the visual. Astro-Boy flies through the air, saving the world from yucky tasting food …and on and on. I really do think it was a clever use of the medium on hand and the composition while remedial is genius. Okay, maybe not so much. But it is fun, it gave us a chuckle and hopefully it does you as well!

Please remember if you want to be features, know someone I should feature or have ideas of things you would like to see here on the Bumpkin blog, please let me know!!!

Monday, April 26

Yeah, I know!

Been forever since I have posted. I am having a hard time getting talented folks to interview. I have a few in mind and am waiting on replies. When I get them I will post. In the mean time PLEASE PLEASE if you have anything at all to share PLEASE DO!


Monday, April 12

Back at it!

Wow has it really been that long since I have blogged? Yes indeed it has. I am not sure what the deal was. Every time I tried to sign on I would get a Google error message. Of course “help” was of no help, the “contact us” for led down a no where road…it was a fright I am not sure what I did or didn’t do, but regardless I am now able to post. Only here’s the thing. I don’t have anyone to feature. I will work over the next few days to find some talent to feature for you all. And hopefully we will not have these long interludes between posting again. I have really missed connecting with you all and bringing the talents of wonderful artisans to the screen. Happy Monday y’all!

Thursday, April 1


For some reason, I can no longer upload to the blog. Aparently my computer has some malicious spyware (or so it tells me when I try to post)...So for now this is all I can do. Rest assured I have not forgotten my blog, have not given up on it, and plan to be back to blogging as quickly as I can!!!!