Wednesday, June 30

Rambling Bumpkin

WOW has it really been all these months since I have blogged? Couldn’t be? But yes it has. The Blogger thing decided I was a threat for awhile and wouldn’t let me post. Not entirely sure what that was about. It has seemingly resolved and I am no longer sending harmful or threatening content to vast users of the web- can you detect any sarcasm here, because it should be loaded with it.

The latest Bumpkin news I guess would be the Smart Festival, located in St. Maries Idaho. It is a great crowd of talented artists. Years ago My mother was involved and was what one could call the ring leader. After she left some of my students did some great painting on the trash cans that graced the grounds. It was cute to see art from the 5-8 set on the cans. Not sure if they are still in use as that has been….well…just way too many years ago.

The very first work of art I ever sold was at the festival when I was probably about 12 years old. It was a pen and ink of a parrot. Funny I remember it perfectly and still cherish the man that bought it. He was one of my good buddies though he was about 5 decades older than myself, he referred to me as “his little piece of sunshine”. Mercy, he was a special guy!

So headed back to the river. I used to try to get selected and even with my mother on the board was never allowed. They have very strict guidelines as far as exhibitors so this is really a big deal for me in so many ways. I am jumping out of my skin and “eeeeking” all the while! I have been painting like a mad woman. I think because of the anxiety. Why is it that our own work never seems good enough. No matter what is said somehow I can eek out something negative from any comment???Insecurities. I have grown so much artistically and really found a place I like.

I do believe art grows and changes along with ones self. But for now I like right where I am creatively. My work is just expressions of though. I hark back to simple times, a craving for things of old. A time I missed and yet think would have been perfectly at home in. Sentimental stuff, scripture, things I have seen, things that have inspired. Funny a word, a thought will transform down in the studio. Not that they are some magnificent pieces…usually just words with flowers and such…sometimes barns, churches, silos, things that fascinate me. Bi-planes lately and I am not even sure why. I hate flying and find no use for it. But I have a Dr. I dearly cherish and he likes planes…so in honor of that I paint planes. I am hoping to do a steam donkey, before the show. Steam Donkey if you don’t know is an old time logging thing. Again a hark back to roots. Rambling I think I am now. So out of this blogging habit.

I would love to bring you ore artists. And feature the great work of those I find. Trouble is, I cant find any. Well no, I can find lots of great work. I just cant get them to contact me back, fill out the interviews or do any of “their part” of it. So I cant bring it to you if they don’t bring it to me. Also a few , okay more than a few that I did do stories on, and spent considerable time working on, didn’t even say thanks. And no I don’t do it for the gushing thank yous…but you know a polite “thanks” would have been alright. Sorta left a sour taste in my mouth, ya know?

So as to where this blog goes, or who might read it…I don’t know. I make no promises of yet. I will try to get a bit more active. However it is going to take you my readers to let me know if it is worth my time. I am not going to stroke keys endlessly if no one is there to read it…so just leave a comment…send an email, whatever to let me know you are out there reading what this bumpkin prattles on!

I have included tons of new work at if you want to see some of the latest !