Monday, November 8

The bumpkin is back!

This summer was very hectic at the Bumpkin’s. It started with taking in 5 extra kids, added to our own two. While it was a wonderful experience and we wouldn’t trade it for the world it left use ragged. Shortly after the dust settled from that we found ourselves in the mist of a move. Unable to find a suitable place, we spent awhile “homeless” while in transition. I say homeless the reality however is we stayed with my mother.

While there I had the chance to donate some artwork to the PCBA for their Habitat for Humanity fund raiser, and of course, it was incredible to be part of the collective giving spirit. I have donated many pieces to causes but this was perhaps one of my most joyous because of the fact had we not been at my mothers, we would have found ourselves truly homeless. It was very self identifying. (please see the photo for the donated piece)

During all of the moving and settling, I managed to injure some ribs, dislocate a jaw, have a little oral surgery, obtain a broken jaw and a few other maladies. Of course me and my potential for injury are nothing new. It certainly wasn’t fun, but was not nearly as horrible as it may sound. It did lead to a lot of down time and not much getting done. Now that those issues are out of the way I hope to get back on track with the art, the blog and basically just life in general.

The most exciting news in Bumpkin land is the unveiling of the website. You can now find all things Bumpkin at I would love feedback on the new site and any helpful advice. Of course if you are a follower of the blog you know my affliction with typo-nitis. So please, go ahead and point those out too!

I have several artists in mind for upcoming features and hopefully will be able to bring them to you. As always it is a struggle to get good artists here on the Bumpkin Blog. I find many talented folks but it seems they lose steam and have trouble completing the interview. Hopefully I hear back soon from some of these talented artisans and can get them straight to you! Please again I beg you if you have ideas for the blog- send them in!

Until next time ..

That’s all she wrote folks!


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