Friday, December 3

Hopping for joy to bring you LaRusc Studio

As promised I have gathered up some great talent, intervies and pictures. I always love bringing yo the best of the best. I scoure sites and boards to find only highly talented and unique individuals to bring to the Bumpkin Blog. As always if you know of someone who should be features here please drop me a line.

Today I give you, Laura from LaRusc Studio

Laura Rusciolelli, is an artist from the beautiful Pennsylvania who is especially drawn to creating animal artwork. Laura has a home studio, LaRusc Studio, where she teaches children's art classes and spends her time creating these adorable and yet graceful works of art.

Laura refers to her husband as her personal cheerleader and tells us it was him who let her build the studio to her exact specifications. When asked about her greatest work of art Laura told us “My greatest artwork may be the three children I've created, a son and two daughters, all of whom are happily gifted with art and music talent. I also have a fluffy doggie, Buddy, and four (yes 4!!) cats.”

Her interest in arts goes back as far as she can remember and credits much of her inspiration to her grandmother. She tells us she feels incredibly blessed to be following her bliss down the path of art. In the true spirit of an artist she is giving back her gifts by teaching and inspiring other creative minds.

When asked her biggest influences Laura related to us, “ My biggest influence in my art life was a local artist, Storma French, who taught me privately for several years. Strangely, in the wider art world, I have always been drawn to Impressionist works, especially Renoir, yet I am almost exclusively a realist painter, and most of my works are miniature art cards, called ACEOS, that are the size of a baseball card.” ACEOs don’t we just love those. You guys should really check out some of her cute, whimsical designs. Priced affordably you can gather up several and have yourself a wonderful collection from this very talented gal!

Laura goes on to tell us “My favorite medium, watercolor, was one I was actually dragged in to kicking and screaming from painting mostly in oil. I was afraid of the lack of control with watercolor as opposed to oil painting, but soon was cured of that! Watercolor was the last painting technique I explored, only about 5 or so years ago. I enjoy oil painting, and acrylics. Altered art/collage is another favorite, and playing with papier mache.”

It is hard for me to relate her process and technique so again we will hear from Laura in her own words. “My process, hmmm. I am a very visual drawer/painter, especially with the animal portraits, so I usually need to have reference photos for that type of work. I envy artists who can "see" all in their head and put it right down on paper. As I settle in to whatever project I am working on, I will have music or even the television playing, a cup of coffee handy, and a cat or 2 lying around somewhere close by. My inspiration can come from something as simply as the way a bird alit on a branch, or the way the cat turned and looked at me, or a comment one of my art students might make. I'm always walking around inside and outside with my camera. I'm sure some of my neighbors think I'm a nut.”

No, Laura you are not a nut. The readers and myself would be the nuts if we couldn’t find the beauty in every piece we have seen on display. The form and colors seem to come alive and the viewer can almost see the nose of a bunny twitch or a bird about to take flight. The movement and tranquility of the piece, while sound in contrast make Laura’s work unique and a definite must have.

You can find the website at . She also sells miniatures and other artwork on eBay, where she can be found by typing LaRusc into the search bar. Etsy to is graced her wonderful paintings and you can get there by following this link. .

Be sure to hit those links and see more of this adorable, stunning work!

Check back soon guys for more wonderful artisans!


  1. I enjoyed this closer look at Laura's life as an artist! ty Adrienne

  2. Being Laura's daughter, I get to enjoy and appreciate her talents everyday. Every time I come back home, one of the first things I do is check out the studio and peek at what she has been working on!

  3. Very cute animal art !!

  4. way to go laura she has taught my daughter so much over the past few years she is a wonderful mentor from trish