Friday, December 31

Boom boom bloom...

An entire year is coming to an end. Sometimes it seems the year drags by and the hands move slowly and the days barely fall from the calendar. This year though has been as if the days come off two at a time and I have felt against the clock most of the year. Why I don’t know. It isn’t as if I am well enough to be busy. But the goals I would set for myself seemed to be continually barreling down the track of daily living and suddenly I would be derailed again.

Last year a dear friend of mine as you will remember from her interview, told me chooses a word for the new year. I too choose a word and it was bloom. I reflect now down that track and wonder, did I? Did I bloom? In so many ways yes I did. Artistically yes, definitely. I am trying new things and new styles and can say I have a veritable garden of new styles that I can tend to in the months ahead. But personally, did me, the person bloom? Did I grow, did I change? Am still the little seed sitting in the dark waiting to sprout? Or did I spring up, come forward and grow tall. I think it is easy enough to say yes I did. I faced so many challenges this year, incredibly hard challenges, the kind most folks only face every few years, and yet boom boom boom our family was hit with them repeatedly. I often felt like a spent dandelion with parts of me blowing all over in the wind, no direction or foothold. But we landed on our feet and from there we bloomed again!

Not sure what the word of the year should be now? I have mulled over so many in my mind. Words are funny things, they are. I had considered health because of being so incredibly ill, but really? Do I want my focus on me and health? I suppose I could use cooking dinner for my family, planting a healthy garden and ya ya ya that sort of stuff. But I want something more. Something more tangible and less concrete. So then I wandered to “wellness’ Because we could throw in physical wellness, mental wellness, and so many other things could be tossed into that pot and make a nice little salad of words. But it just doesn’t seem to have “ring” to it. Silly that I have been worrying so much about one little word isn’t it? But no, hear me out. A word can carry you all year. a resolution, well we all know those are broke in about a month or less, maybe 2 months if you have great tenacious will power. So a word dang it , give me a word!

Bloom was last years, so why not go that route? My mind dug around in the dark soily depths and has come up with grow. Naturally after something blooms it must grows. It stretches itself skyward, it leans into the warm sun, puts its roots down deep, plants itself. Readied for whatever may come its way. The wind, the rains, doesn’t matter. It grows despite all adversity, in good and bad times it grows. It scatters itself, proliferates and becomes more.

And with that, I choose GROW. I wish to you will grow with me in this new year. My hope for the blog is for it to continue to grow and include everyone we can think of. A place for artist to gather and share. This isn’t my blog, it is our blog. So please join me now in choosing a word for the new year. I would love to hear what you choose!

In the mean time…off I go, to grow!


  1. I look forward to growth as well. Thanks again for featuring me on your lovely blog this year!

  2. What an awesome, beautiful word you have chosen! I'm so happy to hear that you bloomed this past year and I can hardly wait to hear where Grow takes you. :) Expand served me well this past year and boy did it have an effect on my life. I'm hoping to write a blog entry soon about it, but a bit more introspection is needed before I write it all out. By the way, even my best friend is now choosing a word of the year! :)

    This year I am using an acronym of the year. I almost chose Focus as my word, but it didn't have that zing. Didn't feel quite right. Instead I chose the acronym GYST, which stands for getting your stuff together! It was inspired by some fabulous artist's software I bought recently called GYST (which stands for the same, but they use a different word than Stuff!) It describes perfectly what I need to do this year, not only with the art business, but with certain plans and goals I have for my life. I need to lay the foundation now so that the plans and dreams I have can take off and really go somewhere. :)

  3. How beautiful Julie! Can't wait to see where those dreams take you. You are such an inspiration!