Monday, December 6

Timeless Rarity

We all know the holidays are approaching. The television commercials fairly shout out the countdown and the number of shopping days we have left. Aside from the obvious of the material race to get the packages under the tree our minds begin to race as well. Memories of Holidays past begin to fill the space in our minds like the packages fill the spaces under the tree.

The memories and the call to our past has inspired my next guest here on the bumpkin blog. She is a very talented gal who is calling up her past to begin a bright future.

I give you Rayven’s Rarities.

Katherine, her given name is not the name we know her by. She goes by another, her native, Rayven. This is just one way she is getting back to her roots. Nestled in the high dessert of Oregon, she turns out beautiful pieces of Native American jewelry and has a Bonanza store Rayvens Rarities, absoluely loaded with incredible beadwork. Please hop on board as we discover more about this sparkling gem.

Beautiful Native cuff earring set
 Created by Rayven
Her work is incredible. Itty bitty tiny beads stack upon themselves one at a time to form elegant chokers, earrings and other fine jewelry. It is a craft that goes back eons, and yet is rather new to Rayven. Rayven is just now coming to think of herself as an artist, and while not truly a late bloomer she is just late at the realization. Her first connection to her creativity was a cake decorating class. She tells us “I took a cake decorating class to make extra money for school. I got pretty darn good at decorating cakes. Don't know why cause I can't even draw a good stick man, but hand me a tube of frosting and a cake and I become Michelangelo. So, due to that, I eventually got interested, later in life, with other types of craft work.”

Watermill created by the talented duo
Again that creative streak reared when her and her father would work in the woodshop together. The duo would piece together incredible birdhouses, yard decorations and so much more. I have included a photo of a lovely water mill they worked together on. Incredible in its detail it features working components and actually turns water. It is remembering these times with her father that inspires much of what she is doing today.

One of the many Native American  items in her store.
Inspiration is a funny thing. It can come from anywhere. I love to ask artist what inspires them. When I asked Rayven I was told it can come from anywhere “Oh that's easy. Just take a look around outside at nature, at a favorite store, or even just talking to a friend. It's amazing the ideas I've had pop into my head at the oddest of times.” Her store is filled with lovley items, some made by Rayven herself and other treasures she has mined from her vast supply of incredible artists.

 The more I learned about Rayven the more I realize she is deeply connected to her roots and yet used them to draw upon for future endeavors. She spends much of her time sewing and will soon be filling up her Artfire shelves with wonderful and unique items , so we will have to be sure and look for them. Speaking of looking have a peek at the adorable Lillee hanging out in one of Rayvens latest creations. Lilee is an honorary niece and was blessed to have this wonderfully made, cosy, shopping cart snugglie. The photo of her sewing room was perhaps my favorite and I had to share. You can see there, her right hand man, Jax helping her to create yet another wonderful piece.

The passion and connection she has to those in her life, and her roots is a definite vein running through the goldmine of her creativity. When talking with Rayven you can feel this goldmine unearthing. “You know, I can't really say I have a favorite. All the craft work I've done, I've done with a passion and whole heartedly. To narrow it down to just one choice for me, would be next to impossible.”

Another fabulous piece found in Rayvens store.
Handcrafted by one of her local favorites.
I am looking very forward to seeing what is next from this lass Please join me in adding her to your favorites and checking back to see where this creative streak leads. I know you like me will be striking it rich as we come to know her, and her fantastic talents.

Please visit Rayven at Rayvens Rarities


  1. Yes Rayven does gorgeous work indeed! Great to know more about her designs and her life in Oregon! Thanks so very much for sharing!

  2. I have known and sold along side Rayven for years. I highly endorse her standards of customer service and to say the lady is a pro is an understatement. She CARES about her clients.

    You could not have picked a better one to showcase.