Thursday, February 4

In the Basket

Basketry Botanica

Yesterday we saw some great talent out of Oregon and it seems there is more talent weaving its way out of Oregon. Today I would like to bring you basket maker Carole Cole. Her work is exquisite in its simplicity, with fanciful color and details added. Has been weaving since the early 1970’s. She began as a fabric designer and weaver and sold hand-woven clothing for years. She migrated to baskets after taking a few classes at a civic center. Her work can be seen several places online as well as some summer Farmers Markets.

Her son has been one of her largest supporters and seems to have a natural affinity for basket making. Carol teachers her craft at local summer camps. Her son finds himself the go to guy when she is in a pinch and needs help. He is the one she can rely on to know the sizes and gauges of the reeds with out needing any assistance from her. An assistant who needs not assistance, now that is what I like.

But I don’t like it nearly as much as her baskets. Her baskets incorporating the antlers are my favorites, But all of her work is stunning and original in its appearance. Basket weaving is not uncommon but a basket weaver with an artist eye is. Her baskets combine both functionality with form crating wonderful works of art.

Carole has recently been ill and hasn’t been doing as much with her weaving as she would like. Hopefully come spring she will be ready to set back to her craft. This will coincide perfectly with her plans for a studio make over. There has been big buzz around her place about new paint and a moving some supplies in. She is not currently working out of the studio due the health issues and the weather. Like many of us in the northwest heat is a commodity, and her studion currently has no source for warmth. The warmth coming from the interview with Carole and her seemingly big heart , could my guess, fill entire studios of many artists!

When asked the one thing that defines her “ridiculous determination. I'll do something the hard way, if that's the only way I can get it done. “ So I was not surprised when I also asked her best advice for other artists “Learn and grow as much as you can within your capabilities and be persistent about it - avoid giving in with every little disappointment”

Thos us of who deal daily with illness must have that ridiculous determination. We have to struggle through the bad times and hold tightly to the good.l Life does not allow for us to see disappointments and we must remain focused on every little glimmer of goodness.

I think Carole has captured that theory in one of her big baskets and is living out the theory that art is therapy. We all wish you well carol and hope to have you back in the art community soon!

Happy Creating Y'all

The Bumpkin!

OKAY BIG CALL OF HELP….. My dear and faithful readers…I am desperate for great talent. I have lots ot feature on the Saturday Shopping but I need talent for the full features. I write 20-30 artist a week and only a handful respond and only a few drops actually follow completely through. So please, if you know great talent, PLEASE pass the name along. Also I am looking for guest writers. So if any of you would like to throw your hats in the ring…PLEASE do so. The Bumpkin Blog is growing bigger than expected and I am finding no time for the studio…so please someone help me out and help me get back to my paintings… at least once in awhile!

Emails can be sent to Huckleberry Bumpkin thanks guys!!!

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