Saturday, February 13

Saturday Shopping

So, it is that time again for Saturday Shopping! Here are three lovely items and three great artists! I contacted them and had them tell you guys a little bit about themselves in their own words! Please check them out! Oh yeah, and one of my items! Have a great Valentine ’s Day, see you Monday!

Paper Creations by Laura

Hi! My name is Laura O'Shea and I am the owner of Paper Creations by Laura. I started stamping over 15 years ago while in graduate school as a way to relax from the rigors of writing a thesis! It didn't take long for me to fall in love with creating hand stamped items and since then it has become a cherished hobby of mine.

Over the years, I heard the words that so many artisans hear. "Your work is so nice. You really should be selling it." About 6 years ago, after the birth of my second child, I decided to make the dream of selling my hand crafted items a reality. I started selling at craft fairs which was a wonderful chance to meet people who really appreciate handmade items. In fact, some of my most loyal customers today found me at those very craft fairs. But doing fairs can be tough on the schedule and as my children have grown, I have found that I no longer want to give up my weekends for fairs and that's when I decided I needed to change the business just a bit.

And with the coming of 2010, I have done just that. In January, I opened up my online store, Right away I have met so many talented and helpful artisans and feel at home in this creative community. My store had its first sale just two days after opening and I am working hard to make it the place you want to go for all your cards and gift items.

I enjoy trying new techniques and playing with inks and stamps and ribbons and paper. It brings a sense of creative fulfillment to take the picture in my head and create that with paper. Some designs are clean and simple, some elegant, some cutesy and then everything else in between. Every card I make is high quality and I am my own worst taskmaster when it comes to that! Besides cards, I sell bookmarks and plan to fill my store with notepads and other fun paper gift items.

I am so happy with the changes I have made in my life and I think that is reflected in my store. I truly enjoy every aspect of creating my items and hope you will stop by for a visit. Whether it is to purchase some of my items or if you just have questions about stamping, I would love the chance to meet with you. As we joke in our house, come on by and I'll start up the kettle!

Is an artistic collaboration between Phil Puleo and Andrea N. Phil, who studied Illustration at RISD, creates the watercolor miniatures and Andrea, who’s been making jewelry since she was 10, designs necklaces around them. They started making these one of a kind artworks in the Summer of 2009 and just opened their Artfire store [dedicated to the sale of these art necklace collaborations] in the middle of January.


I learned all my first jewelry techniques from friends and friends of relative’s and taught myself most of the rest with books and by just figuring things out on my own. Mostly, it was just one other thing I enjoyed doing with my free time. In my early 20’s I did take a community college class in basic metalworking - casting and soldering - but wasn’t that good at it and, since I liked to be able to make jewelry as I traveled, I just didn’t pursue it any further then that. I was mostly doing beadweaving at that point.

I never intended to make jewelry other than as gifts for friends and relatives. I was going to be a doctor and a professional dancer. A writer and filmmaker. I dabbled in music and photography and was a radio personality. I’ve tried doing a lot of things and still try to from time to time. Done a fair bit of traveling too, but certainly have a lot more of that to do as well.

After not really accomplishing much in the fields I pursued, I came into jewelry as a living by accident. If you believe in accidents. After I moved to NYC, I worked in a boutique [for 5 years] that made their jewelry on premises. The owner closed up shop last April and since then, I’ve been attempting to work for myself. Phil has helped a lot.


Really is humble and doesn’t like to talk about himself much but, he’s really a pretty accomplished guy. RISD graduate, a good photographer as well as painter, and a fairly well know musician too. Phil’s actually been to more countries than I have since he spent a good deal of time traveling the world with several different bands.

The first band he co-founded: Cop Shoot Cop; and the band he was touring with when we met just finished a new recording. He plays drums as well as a host of other instruments and has spent the last few years writing at least one song a week, sampling himself playing instruments and mixing everything on the computer. [Phil spends a lot of time on the computer since he does graphic and web design for a living.] You’ll recognize at least one of his songs if you saw any of the Nike Warrior ads.

The miniature watercolors that he does for these necklaces usually get painted in batches. He sits down to do one and a few hours later, there’s a small pile for me to work with. In fact, I have one waiting for me now.

I have worked with stained glass off and on for the past 15+ years. In early 2007 a friend/mentor introduced me to dichroic glass and the art of glass fusing. I am always surprised at what comes out of my kiln...each piece is unique. I can fire two different pieces cut from the same piece of dichroic glass and end up with two totally different looks. I love the way you can wear a dichroic pendant with different backgrounds and have the piece reflect different tones. To me this glass is totally amazing.

The need to learn the technique of wire wrapping followed. I had to find a way to use what I was creating. I also like the way the wire flows and am in the process of learning new techniques for the wire as well as the glass.

I gave several pieces to friends and family as gifts. They encouraged me to take my hobby a step further and to share it with others. Glass and Wire Gems evolved out of this process. I needed a way to support my hobby. I currently have shops on both ArtFire and Etsy. I also have my pieces on consignment at two local shops: Designers Boutique and Gifts and Back to Basics Christian Book Store. I am blessed to be able to share the unique with others.


Huckleberry Bumpkin
Yup, that is me! Ohhh, and why can't I do a little plug here for myself huh? I mean really, it is my blog after all isnt it? And I think this one is a real sweetheart. I had so much fun doing this one!


  1. i just wanted to let you know i really enjoy your saturday shopping feature! ever since i "met" you a few weeks ago on the artfire forums, i have been reading your blog (sorry i just realized today i was officially "following" but i was reading it). your writing is very funny and easy to read and you feature some very unique and talented artisits! keep up the great work!!!

  2. awwww shucks...thanks so much! I have a lot of fun with this blog. While you're on artfire, if you see any talent...send it my way. I am always scrambling for great artists!Thanks so much again for the kind words!

  3. Thanks so much for your talent and generous heart!

  4. how cool! very nice log and btw Laura is one of my stamper friends and a very talented lady.