Saturday, February 6

Saturday Shopping


It's time again for Saturday Shopping. I found some great items this week! Here you will find them, with a little bio written by the artisan who created them. Be sure to check out the links to see more work from these talented folks!!!

Happy shopping

The Bumpkin (be sure to peek at my items too while you shop)


Cindy Thomson started crafting at a very young age. When she was 7 years old, she and her sister used to paint rocks with funny faces and give them to friends and family. She moved on to crocheting a year later and it snowballed from there on. Now a days, she's designing and creating wire wrapped jewelry and working on other beading and metal smithing techniques.

She started working with wire one winter after moving from her native state of Minnesota to take a teachng job on the flat plains of southwestern Kansas. She was shopping over the after Christmas season with her mother and spotted a set of jewelry pliers in a local craft supply store. Curious about what one needed so many different pairs of pliers for, she purchased the set and some copper wire and the rest is history. She's completely addicted to working with wire, stones, beads and anything else she can get her hands on.

Her favorite metal to work with is copper. It is her mother's favorite metal and the bright color and easy bending makes it the perfect wire for her work. She also adores working with semi precious stones and beads. Some of her latest work features tone cabachons wrapped and woven in wire and adorned with other semi precious stones.

She intends to next explore the world of polymer clay beads. She's already begun making "beginner beads" with a small supply of polymer clay she picked up. She also is excited to incorporate the polymer clay into her cabachon designs. Stay tuned for more pieces from this "wired" artist!


I've been a "creative critter" all my life, and have always enjoyed learning new crafts and arts forms. I'm a self taught artist, learning the basics from books, and advancing my skills with study and practice. I sculpt, sew, knit, crochet, and make jewelry. I make many of my own patterns, such as the ones I create for my World of Warcraft Plush Taurens and Murlocs. You can find a lot of variety in my shop. I make jewelry, polymer clay sculptures, miniature houses, cloth dolls, stuffed animals, catnip toys, World of Warcraft Plush, pen sets, and more. The majority of my work is one of a kind, and everything is made by hand. I even grow my own organic catnip for my catnip toys (which cats just adore!). Much of my work is inspired by the world of fantasy. You'll find intricate dragons, whimsical wizards, and beautiful fairies throughout my shop. And of course I love animals, so you'll find animals of all types, from sculptures to stuffed toys. I'm quite inspired by nature, as well. I love walking in the woods, or working in my vegetable garden. Many of my sculptures feature flowers, including my highly detailed miniature house sculptures. I always strive to create the best pieces I can. Some of my more detailed sculptures, such as Scorch the Rockin Dragon, can take months to complete. I truly love what I do though, so I'm more than willing to put the work into those projects. I also enjoy creating special orders for customers, and do my best to create just what they want. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on your blog. If you need anything else from me, just let me know.

-Michelle Adkins

Jennifer Lynn Productions.

I have been artistic all of my life. I am largely self-taught in all of my crafts and art forms, but I take classes when I can to keep things fresh. I specialize in upcycling and in using reclaimed, found, recycled, and Earth-friendly materials in my work. My tag line is \"Art and photography that favor nature," because I value the Earth, and my desire is to tread lightly upon it. Even where it is not apparent, nature and my connection to it informs all of my work. I am open to commissions, custom work, and consignment arrangements; however, because I also have a full-time job, custom work/consignments can take up to 4 weeks. Thanks again! Jennifer Moore JenniferLynn Productions, LLC

Grammie’s Krafty Kabana

My name is Sherri. I live in Ohio. My passion is creating crafty items, second to my family and friends. I always take requests, and try to accomodate each and every one. I try to come up with unique and special items each and every day. I usually spend at least 8 to 10 hours a day creating my items. I love crocheting, so a big part of me will involve me crocheting until all hours of the night. I have almost sent myself out the door with so much in craft supplies in my house. Its like Christmas each time I start to dig through all my supplies. But I love what I do, and I love meeting and making friends on Artfire. The most important thing to me is making shopping fun, easy and affordable. I hope you will enjoy your vist to Grammie’s Krafty Kabana. Thanks, Sherri

Zaney May

I joined Etsy in 2008 I needed a pair of Bat earrings. I had been looking for a part time job but wasn't able to find one so I decided to open up a shop at Etsy. And not waste my talents as my sister would say. I opened a my shop at the end of Oct. 2009. I was surprised that in a few weeks I had my first sale. I love creating and working with beads, metal, sewing and always finding new ways to materials to create with. Thanks Debra

Thanks for checking them out... be sure to visit us again for more wonderful art and artisans!

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