Tuesday, February 9

In their own words...

Perfect for me todsay is the work of Indigotwins. Why? Because I don’t “stinking” feel good and their work makes me smile! Stinking-that is my four year old’s word of the now and we hear it a lot! Anyways, The work of these gals put a smile on my face the very first time I saw it. The fun characters seemed to come alive and dance across my screen. I was instantly captivated!

I have stated over and over that the Q and A approach seems lazy to me, but at times because of the artists words being compelling I have used that format to bring you great artists. Today, while I do love the way the twins wrote, the reason I am “doing it in their own words” is because as I said “I don’t feel good”. My sleeping dragon of crohns disease is waking up and breathing fire in my brelly…So I am taking the easy way out!

Here they are…


"We are indigotwin. Identical sisters originally from Northern Maine and coloring and creating together for as long as we can remember. Indigotwin started 2 yrs ago when we got together for a weekend and put some paper clay on the table.

We have both always liked the primitive and folk art styles and we created a few very simple holiday sculptures. We started taking our little shop seriously last January after we got a bunch of clay for Christmas! We started listing items, people started looking and then buying and it motivated us to create more and more.

Now we are at 500 sales and having a great time meeting new customers and seeing others returning time after time. We are in our early 30's now and are glad to finally be able to create each day.

Kirsten is an art teacher to grades K-12 in central Maine and is the mom to an adorable 1 yr. old, both which keep her extremely busy! Cortney is at home with three small children, 5,3 and 1 and teaches competitive figure skating.

We both have small studios in our home which we hide behind curtains. We hope to someday offer artist retreats at our family's 200 acre property where we rent out rustic log cabins on a beautiful patch of land.

We discovered Etsy quite accidently through a friend and started out slowly. Eventually we would love to wholesale our work and branch out into smaller boutiques and stores. We are both graduates of the University of Maine and both hold Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees.

We currently only sell on Etsy and it is keeping us quite busy. We are fascinated that we can sell our work all around the world and across the country. Etsy is a great medium in which we can have our tiny sculptures seen by people all over, all at the same time!"

And now, here they are on the bumpkin blog, for all my wonderful readers and followers! Please check out their store to see more of this great work!!!

I will try and bring you the other artists I promised this week…but with the way I am feeling there are no guarantees… If you want to help me out and do a “guest feature” on yourself or another artist…holler me at huckleberrybumpking@yahoo.com Hopefully though I will be back in the game soon!

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