Tuesday, February 16

Romantic Get a way

I was all geared up for a romantic get away with Ky the Amazing! We hadn’t had a night away in a very long time. We packed out bags, dropped the kiddos off with grandma and off we went. Shortly into our mini vacation, I started feeling ill. With in a matter of hours ill turned to rotten, turned to miserable, turned to scared. We called my Dr. He is a wonderful Dr. and is always available. He ordered us directly to the nearest emergency room. They asked me hundreds o questions, scanned me, poked me and then finally admitted me. We got my weekend get a way, only it was spent in room 209 of Bonner General Hospital. I really don’t remember much as they had me oh morphine drip, muscle relaxants, and sedatives. About the only thing I really remember is waking and always seeing Ky the Amazing’s smiling face and his soft kisses on my forehead. I suppose it was a romantic weekend after all.

I am behind now on the blog after this. So I am not sure I will get many features done this week. Apparently I am supposed to rest and take things easy. I will try though to bring you at least a few great artisans.

Have a great week y’all!


  1. So sorry to hear about the latest health woes. Ky the Amazing certainly does live up to his name. :) Hope you are able to rest up this week and that you feel better soon!

  2. Oh goodness. i am sorry to hear this... I hope you get better soon...