Tuesday, January 12

Hokey Pokey-ing around the net!

Put your right leg in,…you put you right leg out,…put your right leg in… and you shake it all about! You do the hokey pokey and you realize…

Ouch this stinking hurts।

Harvey and I just sit and hobble around here! What is the luck of us BOTH breaking something on the same side within a few weeks। Sheesh isn’t one broken bone enough for one family to deal with??? Seriously! And then there is Fat Sally, the dog, with her shaved leg from her IV and it too, is the right leg. My lands!!!

With this dumb casted leg and foot I have had so much time to spend online! While I’ve been lurking around on different sites I have come across so many neat stores and artisans! I just love the opportunity now for artists and crafters online।, It is really a great venue for getting work out there and possibly sold. For me, yes I would love the sale, but this isn’t why I do art. l I do it because I love it and I am inspired to create. I think that is how it is with a lot of artisans.

I had come across some really great work। It was hard to choose just one to feature! I finally settled on one artist that was doing some great print work with lino’s and woodblock! I had began writing about their work and the artist behind it. I have to chuckle here because of the word behind…ummm… a prelude to the next sentence… when it came down to it, that person was not very nice perhaps I can use the word behind here again???! Anyways I dug and did not come up with gold. But no worries. Like I said, I found a lot of talent out there and cannot wait to showcase it! I have two others today that I would like to highlight on so please read on!!!

When I first discovered Catherine, I was so impressed with her energy for her store and most of all her true, friendly nature. It was like a bit of sunshine, peeking through my screen. Catherine is the proud Mother of two little kiddos, owner, operator, creator, designer and all around “do it all” gal at The Covered Bottom- an Etsy shop dedicated to great Mom and Baby items. She has extraordinary items filling her virtual shelves. Specializing in very unique, very chic baby items, and some great things for moms as well. Her children I am told by her are what inspired her, and she self taught herself to sew. I find that astonishing. Sewing! I have always admired those that sew. Even after lessons I just don’t get it! I cannot sew a stitch to save my life! She says she occasionally has to fire off a call to her mother to get a bit of advice, but looking at her work, I am surprised she needs any help at all! In her store the only help one would need is picking from her luxurious fabrics. While geared to the drooling, teething set, nothing about the items says “baby”. Her Asian inspired prints, bold florals and other marvelous choices are stand outs. I love her bibs and burp clothes. You will see no Pooh bears or Teddies here! I asked her about her goals for her studio and for now she really wants folks to see the self designed Clutches. After years of making them for friends and family and hearing you need to sell these. She did! I know I would have one wrapped up pretty if I were headed to a baby shower! Her listing describes them as “This gorgeous diaper clutch is perfect for mamas on the go who have great taste and a well defined sense of style. When closed, it looks like a beautiful clutch handbag, but when opened, surprise!, it's a fully functional changing pad complete with diaper, wipe case, and powder storage!” I describe them as wonderful Just like Catherine herself! He passion is what lured me and her great products hooked me! I am sure she will be a success. Her great “chin’s up” attitude and passion for her work will make the sky the limit. Please be sure and check out Katherine and her beautiful shop “The Covered Bottom”! You won’t be disappointed! Find the link to The Covered Bottom over to the right in my SHOPS THAT ROCK link section!!!

K & G Krafts
My next shop I just have to mention is K & G Krafts! What first struck me, besides the incredible friendliness of the seller was the variety of items that can be found in her store. To say it was brimming with talent would truly understate what I found as I began viewing pages. Karen Galib is the owner of this great place and also owns a brick and mortar store by the same name located in Fall River MA. Her talents stretch back through the years and she tells me she has always dabbled in this and that. Like many of us crafter/artsy types, her mind continually jumps from project to project and she had done everything from beautifully knitted clothing, to macramé, hand painted signs and some great primitives as well! I love the variety. The level of talent comes through and it is not just your average “granny knits” Her items have bright colors, innovative design, and are loaded with fun. You can see her playful passion come through on her items. Its hard to pick a favorite item in this store, but I narrowed it down to her Black Cats with Attitude! Very cute cat stack, and I am not even a cat lover! This store located on Artfire is definitely worth checking out. My only disappointment with K&G Krafts is I am too far away to drop in to the brick and mortar store. I am sure a cup of tea would lead to wonderful, witty conversation and loads of smiles and laughter! Please please check out this great shop! Find the link to K & G Krafts over to the right in my SHOPS THAT ROCK link section!!!

I hope you guys are able to check out some of these great stores. Remember to follow the Huckleberry Bumpkin’s Blog! I will try to keep brining you more great artisan and maybe even some witty conversation! Thanks for reading!
Happy creating y’all!


  1. such an awesome shop, definitely worth a peek. I love the kitty, of course!

  2. How kind of you to include me in your blog! Have a wonderful day!