Monday, January 11

Bloggin huh?

Blogging huh?
I do like to blog, and have dabbled a bit here and there with different blogs. This one I hope to get a following in the millions maybe even trillions. Okay perhaps the meds are talking here. For those who don’t know, this little bumpkin has a few pain issues going on right now. Mainly the broken foot. ..but there is always the ugly dragon laying in the gut, breathing occasional fire –good old Crohn’s disease!

So the broken foot…..
Isn’t that a funny story. I had gotten some press (so to speak) on some of my art. Decided to be less than humble and do the happy dance down the stairs. I suppose this wouldn’t have been so bad, however…why is there always a “however”…anyways…back to the story…happy dancing down the stairs innocuous enough unless you have recently taken ALL your pain meds. I have several meds I can use alone or in conjunction depending on the pain level. I happened to be having a very ticked off dragon in my gut that night ( I am thinking the black velvet and 7 could have been the culprit) so I had taken a full slew of meds trying to put the dragon back to sleep. I was also wearing my favorite shoes. I do not like to go down to the scary depths of the downstairs playroom with out shoes- it is just not a smart move, banana peels, hot wheels, giant spiders, I never know what I may step on. So again back to the story. Here I am happy dancing , while ummmmm impaired, wearing my old and favorite shoes. Earlier that day I had told the Amazing Ky (husband: fixer of all) that my shoe was torn and perhaps I would kill myself one of these days by tripping out of them. He had offered to fix them, but me being a bit independent I didn’t think it was necessary. Reflecting back, it would have behooved (pun intended) me to have let him fix the shoe. No sooner had I made it half way down the stairs when I fell right out of the shoe and did the happy tumble dance down the stairs. I tried for over a week to ignore the fact that it ws swselling to the size of a gorilla foot, and turning more colorful than any of my paintings. When the Amazing Ky finally saw it almost a full week later it was a trip to the ER. Unfortunately ignorance is not bliss, and ignoring it did not magically heal it. Only served to make it worse… so for not it is torn ligaments, bits of bone broken off and a few other categories of damage…oh well. As mama says “It is what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t).

Studio time….
Getting to the studio lately hasn’t been easy. I have felt less than inspired. I paint sitting on the floor cross leg style but with a gi-normous cast thingy, it just doesn’t seem to be working out. I often look at the saw I use (okay the Amazing Ky uses) to trim boards and wonder if just lopping this thing off would be better –again it could be the meds talking. But nothing real creative or stellar has come out of the studio. I have done some art cards and they’re addicting. I find I can sit all day and not remember to do anything but the artwork. The Amazing and wonderful Ky, reminds me to eat and drink and join the real world. I will rotate a few of the art cards here on the blog for awhile, maybe you can catch a few.

Folk art in general….
You will notice my style on most everything I do. I keep it fun and folksy. I adore folk art and think it has to be the most under appreciated of the arts. I used to do the tight work. The perfect trees,and perfect faces, birds that seemed to be alive on canvas, colors and lines crisp. I painted fruit in bowls, and landscaped mountains by streams of cool water…all the regular stuff. It was a struggle. It didn’t bring joy. It didn’t make my heart sing. Time didn’t disappear when I picked up the brush. It just wasn’t “fun”…Bur now, my folk art so much a part of me. For years I have done folk art but hid it away, thinking no one wanted to see what lay in my heart. But here it is now for all the world to see. I love going to shows, and have learned to take the unkind words of passersby and crumple them up like old bills and throw them over my shoulder. So often at shows I will hear a little old lady say something like “wow even my grandkids can paint better than that”. GRRRR… lady. Folk art isn’t about better, it isn’t about tight perfect lines. It is a feeling from the heart. It is putting and idea, and emotion, a thought onto canvas or bending it into sculpture. Most of all folk art is supposed to be fun. It is a light hearted look at the world around you. It is there to put smiles on faces and thought into heads….

I have found some great primitive folk artists of late and hope to be featuring them on the blog soon. Please follow this blog. I will try not to ramble to often about too little. I will do my best to draw you in with good content, contests, give a ways and just all sorts of fun.
So until the next post… Keep Smiling!

The Huckleberry Bumpkin!

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