Tuesday, January 26

Scratchin' my head...

Okay my faithful followers…I need your help! I am running out of great artisans to feature! I have a few left in my files that I want to get to. I had planned to feature a artistl but they were one of the major art sites “featured seller” and somehow it just seems unfair. I didn’t notice until I went to gather more info for the blog, I went to the site and there they were splashed all over the front. I am not about to be repeating everything that had just been written. And… I want to bring the most amount of exposure to the biggest amount of artisans. But I am out of ideas. I want to hear from you know what types of art you would like to see. Do you ave a friend that is doing something awesome, a family member…then please send the name along! Also poetry? What would you think about poetry? I was thinking of venturing a bit into that realm, but I promise not to blur your eyes with obscure, weird out-there stuff that leaves the reading going “huh”.

I wanted to talk about a local art project here, in my inland northwest. Seems some guys or something have set up live chickens in a pen, put some pots with plants and chicken manure together and are calling it art. I call it weird. Sorry I just don’t get it. Isn’t that so often the case that true art gets buried in odd expression of ideas? I don’t know maybe I am the weird one for not getting it. Chickens, flower pots, manure…a testament to sustainable recourses and things yeah…but art. I don’t know. I am having a hard time grasping it. Maybe my mind is not nearly open enough. Perhaps too much of a bumpkin to “get” it. But I make no apology. I just don’t. It to me isn’t art. Its just leaves me going “huh”?

I do have a gal, Julie Behm who is on my fan page I want to track down and interview. She has some great folk art going on at Artfire and Etsy. I also have a gal Elisa Jackson making some great handbags and several other artists that eventually I will track down and do write ups on.. I will get to them. I promise But for today I got nothing-sorry!

So PLEASE PLEASE do like I said and submit me some great artisans!

Thanks guys!


  1. It depends if the Chickens are scratching at the manure creating Zen like lines then it IS art...snickers SURE! I don't "get it" either

  2. Glad to hear I am not the only one. I tried to find a clickable link to the story...but couldnt. Seriously it is just ...well..DUMB!

  3. LOL! I'm another one that just doesn't get "art" like that. Just makes me roll my eyes.

    Btw, so glad you tracked me down! I'm busy answering questions and will get those back to you as soon as possible! :)