Wednesday, January 13

Have you tried it?

Up really late again last night. It’s the meds, the stress, all of it. I take the pills that are supposed to help me sleep but they don’t work. So I was up half the night working on prims. Primitive little sculptures. I really enjoy doing the prims and so I sorta got lost in it. We all over slept and so this morning it is a bit of zooming to get my daughter off to school. So glad I have Ky the Amazing here to help with things. He does most of the getting kids off to school duties here. Maybe later today I will post some pics on my fan page of some of my ugly dolls and some of the other things I have sculpted. We’ll see, a morning like this lends no promises for the rest of the day.

So the behind has turned into not such a behind and we actually seem to have a lot in common. I love when humanity can be humble and agreeably come to understanding. I am still fascinated by their work and really do hope to feature them here on the blog. I think all too often our passion as artist erroneously spills over into other areas of our lives. Or is it we are just passionate folk and therefore artists? Could ponder that I suppose for awhile? But I am still working on this first cup of coffee and not nearly awake enough for a big theological question! I want so badly to have a blog worth reading-to fill it with great talent, great items and other bits of interesting things. All to often blogs are written by stay at home mommies that yammer endlessly about the color of baby’s last poo, and the spilled peas across the just mopped floor. If you’re a mom and reading this, you have been there, done that got the shirt with your own children-why relieve it? Ha ha…I want more than that for you guys. I want a blog worthy of reading, or at least of some sort of interest. So…here’s to hoping!

I wanted to be sure and hit on this….So have you all heard about Bonanzle? If not you need to! It is a better alternative to eBay. There are no auctions, it is all fixed priced items. I have done some comparative shopping and on average the prices on Bonanzle were considerably lower. CONSIDERABLY! I think because Bonanzle has no fee for sellers to list, and take only a very small portion at the end of the sale. Ebay has garnered itself the nickname FEEBay by many online sellers as seller fee tiers seem to be mushrooming out of control. Ebay also does not allow much room for the seller and most features and disputes are in favor of the buyer. Bonanzle however seems equally geared towards both seller and buyer. It is a really friendly community to boot. The stores are referred to as booths, and each seller has a cute little booth from which to sell their wares. Perhaps the greatest booth feature is the ability to real time chat with sellers if they happen to be online. Right there, in the booth is a handy dandy pop out chat window? How great is that. For me I was looking for a few items, I needed a bit more info, I clicked “summon seller to chat”, presto, there was the seller. It reminds me of a brick and mortar selling experience, only from the comfort of home. I had the seller..errrr...sales lady, right there at my finger tips! It was great. I was sitting in my pj’s shopping all the help of a real store, but without the crowds, stinky old ladies, and too loud of music playing. I was able to find every item I searched for, including some off beat book titles. I was able to find loads of high quality vintage and collectable items as well as shiny new items. I found books, cups, jeans, glasses, dog brushes, shoes, baby clothes, tote bags, live plants, spices, candles, soaps, lotions, signs, decorations…I just searched all kinds of random words and I didn’t strike out once! It was incredible and on all but 2 items the prices were lower on Bonanzle than they were on eBay. However, the items on eBay were coming from overseas –can’t remember now and the ship time was just plain ridiculous! So anyway….I am not sure why more folks are not taking advantage of this great venue.

My absolute favorite part of Bonanzle is the friendliness. I have spent a lot of time in the forums and emailing back and forth with other sellers. It may be the big wide net, but the community has a small town, salt of the earth feel. I read in the forums and a real sense of group and community comes through. Offers for help flow freely and sellers are continually giving to one another in some way. It is a light hearted, good hearted bunch. Of all the sites I am on (oh and there are plenty) I just haven’t found a better group of sellers and buyer! The folks seem real -the folks seem happy. It spills over into forum posts, into the way listings are written and even into the site itself. Funny sayings, and little quips can be found all over Bonanzle. When I was uploading some art, during the wait they have a “word of the load”. I don’t remember now what it was, but it as some obscure word I had never heard. Much like Readers Digests word power. The surprises abound as I spend more time on Bonanzle. I am continually seeing something that makes me smile and gives me a bit of surprise humor-and isn’t that the best kind?

Anyways, if you get the time to check out Bonanzle DO IT! It is a very quick and painless sign up. And I am sure you will be able to find some really great bargains.

I will really try today to get some pictures of the ugly primitives. Like hairless baby chicks, or perhaps Chihuahhuas I think they are so ugly they are cute! I love working with them and just never know until it is done what it will be. I don’t set out to make anything. I just play with the clay until something comes to shape. Very very fun in deed!

Hoping you a wonderful day!

The Bumpkin


  1. I just love reading your stories...and how easily you write!

    Yes, it is true what you say about Bonanzle. Thanks for helping to introduce this wonderful venue to shoppers on the net. Bonanzle does have small live auctions within some of the sellers booths, they are announced in the promotional threads. So if you enjoy live auctions, check them out!

    We hope you enjoy Bonanzle as much as we do!

  2. Nice article, and the blog is looking good:) Aren't they fun? Take care & have a Great Hump Day!:)