Friday, January 15

Studio TIme!

I have always said it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I knew by his smile when Ky the Amazing walked in the door from his trip to town he had something wonderful for me. His eyes sparkle and he gets that great grin. I had no idea just how wonderful it would be. It didn’t cost him a dime, it was something no one else wanted… but for me …it was a gold mine!

He found a HUGE pile of old wood! Yup! Old crusty wood. Big pieces, little pieces, rough pieces, smooth pieces, charred pieces, mossy pieces, curved pieces, cracked pieces wood of all kinds! Funny, I had been in such a slump-the pain making painting hard, the meds messing up my head. But that cast off woos no one wanted and I am “back in the game”. I have already been down in the studio and am typing with paint stained fingers. I cannot wait to keep painting and the ideas are running around in my head like a thousand little wind up toys, bouncing around and falling all over themselves. Inspiration begins!

I hope to spend most of the day down in the studio. I love it down there. A converted 2 car garage, there is plenty of space for my messy magic to take place. It is heated and dry, with bright florescent lights. I have paintings hanging from the walls, stacked in totes and piled just about everywhere. What I have online is only a small sampling of the paintings I have done. I think the best part is how insulated. I can’t hear a thing when I am down there except my radio, always tuned to K102. Our local old and new country stations –hey I AM a bumpkin! My studio has to be one of my favorite places. I had never really had a place to work. I always wanted one of course, but until KY the Amazing, it was not important enough to anyone that I have a creative space. He fixed it up for me, cleaning it, fiddling with the lights to get me good lighting, cleared a work bench, put nails and easels up and did all sorts of wonderful Ky the Amazing kind of things. Let me be clear here though, I do not, repeat do not paint with the easels. I hate painting with easels. My painting style is WAY to messy for that! The concrete floor is perfect for the mess, and every now and then Ky the Amazing hoses it all down for me. Barnwood can make a real mess and so can I! Today I can’t wait to see just how much mess I can wait. I love finally feeling inspired!

I am awaiting some response from some artisans/crafters. So be sure to watch for Indigotwin and Ewe-n-Me Printables coming soon to this wonderful blog near you…okay coming here to the Bumpkin page! The work of Idigotwin is some of the most fun folk art I could find on Etsy, and Ewe-n-me Printables has great printable items, geared up to jump start your creativity! If you know a great artisan and would like to see them featured here, please contact me and I will review the work and see if it is something I can do.

Happy Friday all!
~The bumpkin


  1. Lucky duck with the wood! Is Ky your husband? What a sweetie to think of you and bring you all that good creativity-waiting-to-happen! Enjoy!!

  2. Yeah, the wood was a great score. Yes, Ky is my AMAZING husband. I am a lucky duck for sure! So sweet it borders on annoying! LOL! The wood's been great, already painting. How are sales @ The Covered Bottom, and your blog? Doing well? Take care, Have a great weekend!~The bumpkin