Monday, January 18

ewe-n-me and a new pair of feet

The trip to the podiatrist didn’t go as well as I wanted. So I sit here laughing at myself. My feet in the air, with BOTH of them now in those ridiculously huge walking casts, and I see my goofy crutch/cane thingies laying beside me. Supposedly they are supposed to help me get around so far using them I feel like a drunk who took a ride on a tilt-a-whirl, after doing a few summersaults! So instead I sit here in my chair and just shout out my demands to Ky the Amazing or one of the shorties also referred to as my children. No not really. I am doing my best to remain polite and friendly to them because after all I really am at their mercy, if I tick them off I don’t have a prayer!

Its all good though and as I keep saying it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Knowing I have avoided surgery for at least another two weeks and I am all okay. Its okay everything is going to be okay, right? Its okay? I keep trying to convince myself of this at least! While sitting here I was able to write up about some of the folks I had promised to bring you. One a collage artist, the other a digital printables designer!

Paper crafting can be a lot of fun. Most of us remember doing some sort of collage work from grade school or other childhood activity. The simplicity is perhaps what makes it so fun. Basically all you need are paper, scissors and glue and you can come up with your very own work of art! When I was teaching art to little ones, this was one of my favorite mediums to work with. The creativity was virtually endless. The kids often used scraps from magazines, old books, and some even drew their own pictures to cut out and place on their collages. Collage, to is messy, and personally I think the bigger the mess, the bigger the fun!

Emmybo Originals

Talk about fun. I met Emily Bickford over on Etsy. And instantly adored her work. She bubbles over with creativity and her collage art is loaded with fun! She creates one of a kind note cards using collage! She got her start by sending her note cards to friends and family back home, when she moved “across the pond” to Birmingham England. She seems to really enjoy herself over there and has found a lot of creative inspiration. Originally from Vermont she had perused a career in dance, but it seemed she is loving the creative process of working with her hands far more. “I believe that my dance degree and experience as a choreographer has given me the eye to understand and play with composition in an interesting way when working on my collages.” She says.

Her very supportive family has played a big role in shaping who she has become. Her mother was an interior designer and also a collage artist and as a child she would watch her mother work. Her boyfriend to, whom she lives with seems to be her biggest supporter of all. He is her web guy, and has helped her build her online store EmmyBo Orignals of him she says, “I absolutely couldn’t imagine doing this without him “ . The arts have been a big part of Emily for a very long time and she spent a lot of time browsing as a teen. Creativity and originality definitely shine through her bubbly personality.

Her work is so fresh, so different from all the other note cards typically seen. My favorite has to be “It was her favorite kind of day” the colors and flowers jostled together with text and colors of all size. It has a simple, whimsical, fun appeal. Most of her work though captures this feel and it is hard to pick a favorite. You will definitely want to stop by her website, or visit her Etsy shop, both of the same name Emmybo Originals.

Ewe-N-Me Printables

Doing collage work is a craft just about anyone can start with. Ewe-N-Me printables makes this venture even easier. Over at Ewe-N-Me Printables you can find ready to download, ready to print works of art. She has catagories of all kinds. If you are looking for clip art for decoupage or looking for a craft kit you will definitely find it there.

I loved the Coffee Filter Book Kit. It is something new from Ewe-N-Me Printables - A printable kit to make an altered coffee filter book. This kit contains background papers, vintage photos, word art, printable tags, and lots of other embellishments. Most of her items come ready to assemble and can make an artist out of just about anyone!

Owner Deena Davis has filled this lovely shop with all sorts of great stuff. I could spend hours there browsing and I must admit here, I have! It is very folksy primitive, with a vintage flair. When asked what inspires her “Everything!! LOL Sometimes just seeing something while I'm driving my kids around will spark an idea.” Spoken like a true artist! Mother of 3, shop owner, designer wow Deena must be one busy gal. She is based out of central Ohio, but her work can be found on Artifre, Etsy and of course her website Ewe-N-Me Printables.

If you are looking for some easy craft ideas, some collage pages or other great downloadable, printable art. Please be sure to check her out!

As for me, I am going to try to get myself down to that shop if it kills me. I might post a picture of me sitting here both feet in casts, goofy crutches, just so you can all have a great Tuesday laugh!

Until next time ...

Happy Creating all!


  1. Thank you for the great feature!!

  2. Congratulations Deena! Very nice post. Way to work your brain:) Thanks for featuring our gal Bumpkin! Hugs~Carol

  3. Wonderful feature on Ewe-N-Me! Love all of Deena's printables!

  4. Great feature. I love the great variety on Deena's website,

  5. Ewe-N-Me has awesome printables. I'm so glad you featured her wonderful talent.


  6. Oh, I meant to mention I hope your feet improve and you can avoid surgery all together! Let the kiddos wait on you, it's great pay back!


  7. Congratulations, Deena! You do great work. I should know, 99% of my printables are yours!