Sunday, January 17

Buttoned up the weekend!

Spent all weekend with my feet up…sounds great doesn’t it? Well it wasn’t. Remember, now I have the one really broken foot with all the torn ligaments and such. Well somehow on Friday, I managed to tear a tendon and possibly gotten a hairline fracture in the OTHER foot MY lands. The good news here, I already had a scheduled appointment with the podiatrist. I am hoping he tells me the Urgent Care was wrong, cancels the scheduled MRI and subsequent follow up x-rays. How dumb ! I felt like a super idiot all weekend. I was so glad my children were not home to make fun of me or make the demands that children demand of their moms.

The great part of having a bum foot, or feet you get a lot of time to sit and think. You also get pain meds. I for one can get rather creative under the spell of some good pain medication. Ky the amazing got my studio set up so I am no longer painting criss-cross legged on the cement floor. I mentioned in the last blog post it doesn’t take much to make me happy and a few old pallets turned drying racks, a huge desk bought second hand for $1.50, a mini step ladder found this summer for $2.00 , a one Ky the Amazing and I have the painting station of my dreams. Simple. I love it!

Keeping it simple! I think that is what I loved about The Paper Button when I first came across this Etsy store. Artisan Kari McDonald, over there, has been in love with buttons since she can remember. She started making cards and sewing little buttons on them for her friends and family. Inherited from her mother, the love of the buttons, morphed into rings, pendants, magnets and more. I am truly inspired when someone can take what they love and turn it into art!

My wish list item would have to be her milk glass, salt cellar. The decoration reads “The lid is created with six vintage notions. The base button is a pearly and shiny white button. A red octagonal button supports a very pretty white mother-of-pearl button. For a handle, a white glass cufflink-type notion is attached on top of a nicely cut and clear glass button. A pearly gray plastic button is placed on the underside of the lid to help keep it in place when on top of the glass cellar.” I think it could just read STUNNING, or if anyone is feeling generous “SOLD to the Huckleberry Bumpkin” She tells me her husband is very supportive of her yet just doesn’t seem to “get” her salt cellars, “why anyone would want a box so small, what would you use it for” he tells her. I don’t know about you guys, but I can think of about a zillion and thirty items I could put into one of those. Okay maybe not all at once, but I would certainly love to have a few gracing my dressers and countertops.

Kari is multi talented and also has lots of great note cards, tags and other paper items in her Etsy shop. She is going to be doing a show later in the year in Rockford Illinois, her hometown. So if you in the area look for her at the Cider and Cinnamon show this October. Speaking of shows... I was thinking it would be great to make some sort of calendar somehow and link to the blog. That way all our readers, crafters etc can highlight their events, wouldn’t that be great? Anyways, back to Kari and her wonderful buttons. Kari has always been fascinated by the variety found in buttons, their textures and colors, sizes and shapes. She merges different button shapes and textures, sizes and colors into these mini works of art!

I think all to often the term art brings to mind something which can be framed or set upon a shelf-like a statue. When I hear Kari talk of her self described addiction to buttons and see her creations I can only describe them as art and her as an artist! She, like so many of us has found something she truly loves and is finding a way to carve her little niche in the world. Her devotion comes through when you see the quality of her work, her choices in shades, tactile impression, sizing all merge into one of a kind treasures. Each creation is a work of unconventional art. Kari’s attention to little detail is evident throughout her work, and her shop, The Paper Button. The shop is set up very simply, with easy to use categories, wonderful pictures and descriptions.

I loved her statement “Create what you adore and just keep working hard towards your goals. Find what inspires you and stick to it. Don't be discouraged when people tell you that you need to find a real job!” By the look of her store, the amount of time her creations require, and all the rest of the heart and soul poured into The Paper Button, I have to say Girl, you HAVE a real job!

Please be sure to head over to The Paper Button and sees Kari’s work. Soon she hopes to be adding some of her fun and fresh print work so don’t forget to add her to your favorites! With over 100 items there is sure to be something to add to your wish list and possibly your shopping cart!

So hopefully soon I will be done with a few more interviews and can bring you some of the other great art I have found while hobbling around the net. Wish me a big good luck at the Dr…or is it “break a leg” heck already broke two feet, what’s a leg, maybe I should go with an arm or an elbow and maybe even a neck while I am at it!!

Happy Monday guys!

~the Bumpkin

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