Monday, March 1


There I was thinking things were fine and I would be right back to being able to blog. Little did I know my family would be hit with one of the seasons worst flu bugs. It hit our son first, the four year old, then my daughter. Soon I was hit and then last Ky the Amazing. Monday My daughter and I were in the hospital, getting fluids and anti nausea drugs to no avail and we just felt rotten. By Thursday she was admitted and we had to watch and wait for appendicitis. By Saturday all seemed better until Ky the Amazing started coming down with it…YUCK! Hopefully now we are all done being sick, hurting, breaking things etc. I told the hospital staff they were going to have to name a brink or a wing or room or something after my family,. The great thing, our hospital is filled top to bottom with great art. Local artisans donate art to hang on the walls and almost every conceivable service has very nice unique art hanging from it. If I had been in a better frame of mind, I would have taken pictures to use on the blog. I really do want to get back to the “art” of things here and start getting you guys some GREAT features. So hopefully this week is the week.

On a side and personal note, see that cute pup. We rescued her yesterday from a very bad situation. She was filthy and destined to death. We have our other three so we really did not need another dog. The entire time we were seeing her I kept saying “no, no way, we do not need a dog” Especially that one. She smelled so incredibly bad- before you even got near her you could smell her, she was so aggressive she tried to bite anything tht walked near her, she had open sores on her legs…but Ky the Amazing Pied Piper was able to walk right up to her, no nipping, no snarls and within seconds we found ourselves our fourth dog. Once we got her home all the aggression was gone, and there was nothing left but a sweet grateful girl. She got her bath, we treated her sores and made her our new girl! She is very unsure about what to do with all this love and freedom. The last family had kept her in a dog crate for nearly 2 years. When they did let her out it was only to a chain and only about once a week. Seems though in her hunger she killed a chicken and was sentenced to death. Upon raising the gun at her the wife had a small change of heart and decided to at least try for a day to get her a home at walmart. Praise God! We haven’t named her. They had called her Joy but this poor sweet dog has never known joy….so we are running the gamut of name games…it is hard for the 4 of us to settle on something but it will come. In the mean time…make some suggestions if you like to add to our list.

Thanks my readers, hope to be back at ya soon!

~The Bumpkin


  1. How about Lucky, since she is lucky that you saved her.

  2. Hope...because that what you're giving her. She sure is blessed that you've taken her in. Enjoy...all of you.

  3. So happy to hear about the brain spots being okay. What bad luck to be hit with the flu next! Hope you and the family will be completely over it soon!

    What an adorable little pup and how lucky to have found a place in your home! :)