Thursday, March 18

Rushing to calm down...

Its been a busy week and I haven’t been able to write a single proper story,. the art show and two kids home have left little time for anything other than my nerves to become frayed. It seems the more I try and get done the less that actually does get done maybe that old saying “the hurriered I go the behinder I get” is true? It seems I have fairly ran this week and not walked and yet I have half painted paintings, nothing is tagged, the kids scrounged up their own lunch, Ky the Amazing did manage to make them a healthy dinner, but of course he would. I though have been mommy the missing and sequestered in the studio trying to get prepared. I always freak out before a show. I love them, but I tend to freak out. Today however I am going to try to approach the day in a zen like calm and actually get something done be productive relaxed serene and smiling….ha ha ha isn’t that funny~!

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