Wednesday, March 17

This and That...

Getting prepared for an art show this weekend. Sometimes I really like those and sometimes I don’t. Being a folk artist, many folks do not get folk art. I have had old ladies literally say “my grandkids can paint better then that”. Well okay lady, then get them a booth?! But other times Its great to meet the people who buy my art face to face. So it is with trepadition and excitement I get ready for the show.

The biggest thing here at Bumpkin Studio though is my work is going to hang at the local hospital. It was a grueling nail biting juried selection process but I was chosen. They have literally turned the walls there into a fine art gallery. Mostly original paintings of some rather “big name” artists. From where you my wonderful readers all hark from I don’t know if you will know the names, but around these here parts (hee hee) they are some pretty big names I will hang next to…Bev Doolittle, Steven Lyman, Betty Billups, Boots Reynolds and many many others. I was so excited I was ready to happy dance. However, If you are a loyal longtime reader you will remember my last happy dance landed me with a broken there will be no actual dancing!!!

Coming up here on the Bumpkin blog. I have some great talent lined up. I have a young girl doing some great mini sculptures, I have a fine artists, a paper artist, a jeweler…the list goes on and so does my search. If you can think of anyone who should be featured please give me a holler!!!

You guys have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

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