Saturday, March 6

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Involution Designs

I am a seamstress, wool felter, and jewelry maker living in the vibrant city of Durham, nestled in the foothills of North Carolina. My grandmother taught me to sew my first dress when I was twelve, but my life has always been marked by a love of the arts. I'm also a classically trained singer/songwriter and have a degree in fine art.

I love continually exploring new ways to create well-crafted, original pieces that will outlast and outlove many of the semi-disposable, mass produced goods that seem to be all around us now. In my imagination, beauty is trendless. It is about knowing ourselves, loving who we are, and celebrating our uniqueness. We weren't ever meant to be all the same.

Madre de Olivia

A little about me..
My name is Tamara Mello and I live in Los Angeles. Most of the work I do is in creating custom charm necklaces. I work every step of the way with my clients and together we create a signature piece that is both beautiful and affordable. I use a combination of new and vintage charms in my work and often incorporate something my clients provide that has sentimental value for them.

The Crafty Katterbiller

I live in Northern KY and started making art a few years ago to keep my hands occupied when I quit smoking. I didn't want to turn to eating, so I learned to knit and it went on from there. I learned to crochet, decoupage, make beaded flowers and jewelry, tatting, embroidery and I started painting again and doing mixed media collage! I refer to crafting as the new smoking....and lost 70 pounds to boot!

I like to work with images that are very feminine and powerful and I like to use found objects as much as possible...currently I'm working on a series of beaded flowers in honor of characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Ruby's Playground

I am an artist/crafter/seamstress from Paradise California, trying to ditch my everyday job for doing something I love, creating! I like most mediums, glass, clay, textiles, the list goes on. But lately I have been focusing more on sewing and textiles. Hope you enjoy browsing my store,

Stasia Burrington Illustration

Hi, I'm Stasia Burrington, a beginning freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I work mostly in traditional mediums which have the potential for flaw and evolution. I believe in visual art’s power to communicate the nuances that we haven’t yet learned in words. I believe in the imperfect, the cracked, the broken, the aging – the quiet beauty that is so subtle that it could easily be overlooked, but when noticed, stops time. I know we all crave a simpler, quieter way of life, a more accepting attitude towards existence, and I know we all crave beauty; our definition of beauty needs only to be pried a little wider. The stains in our favorite teacups – the wrinkles around our eyes – the uneven stitches in a hand-knit quilt, these are full of the energy of age, the power of being loved over and over again. A reclaiming of heritage is in order in this world where it’s easier to throw away than to mend. An embracing of our “flaws” is in order, to be kinder to ourselves, and to be kinder to the world.

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