Tuesday, March 16

Bloomin' paintings...

If you remember an earlier post, when I interviewed Julie Behm of Quirky Dame designs, I had chose a word for the new year rather than a resolution. This is what she has done and I thought it a lovely idea. Since picking my word I have tried my best to live up to it. The word was bloom. Daily I have striven to modify my approach to life both far and near. To loosen my old ideas and allow new ones to unfold.

I tried some new things in the studio yesterday. A bit out of my “box”- so to speak. Still my folksy, hark back to the past, styling, but with a different flair. I wanted to share this personal step towards growth with you guys. I really hope you like what you see.


  1. This is AWESOME! You are doing a fabulous job of living up to your word. I love the new signs, all of them, but especially Mom's Diner and the coffee one. Thanks for sharing this with us. :) I'm continuing to follow my word as tonight I have started my first (and only second in my entire life) linocut. This is going to be very interesting!

  2. WOo hoo...so glad your doing your lino. You will have to keep us posted as to how its going!
    ~The bumpkin