Sunday, March 14

Sculpting little lives...

Creativity has always been a high priority in my life. I try to find it everywhere and carve little nuggets of creativity out of ordinary daily life. I have also always tried to instill a creative flair into my children. My daughter loves to do crafts and has developed a sense of very creative play. She writes books and poetry and even a song or two. My son who is usually very hyper active (he has medical issues) and won’t hold still for even 2 minutes-by the clock will sit for hours if given the tools to create He loves tactile creating, clay, paints, textured papers and the like. I think too often now days kids are given toys that do not allow for this creativity to flow, Games are mapped out, toys literally, because they are electronic tell them how tio play and the creative mind is left to wither. We do not have such toys here. We do simple stuff, the basic old fashioned toys.

A few days ago the kids clamored upstairs spilling excited words out of their mouths ushering us to “come see” what they had done in the toy closet. We turned the stair well into a little toy area for them with bright lights and lots of storage bins, crates, bags etc. I headed there with trepidation because I never really know what messes all this unrestrained creativity will hold. I was taken abac by what I saw,. They had worked together-this is a colossal feat in itself- but anyways, they had cooperatively built a sculpture of toy cars. It stood about a foot high. You can see in the photo how the cars are placed exactly in the right spots. You can see their attention to the little details and how one car balances on another. I cannot actually picture the two of them working together. The older sister usually has nothing but distain for her brother and he with his issues is very misguided in his dealings with others (Aspergers). So to picture them working side by side on this makes the task of creating more gargantuan then the actual sculpture itself.

I love to the creativity; it is my hope to you enjoy this as well!

Have a very happy Sunday!

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  1. Great post! And your kids are lucky to have a mom who makes the time to recognize those special moments.