Thursday, March 4

Something Special

When I was so sick I had promised to do a feature on this great gal doing amazing things with photos. No I do not mean photography in the traditional sense. She is doing great jewelry and such with her art. I just loved her work. Now I just love this gal. She sent me wonderful letters of encouragement and really helped brighten what had become a dark and scary time as I waited the results of the brain scans. Thank you so much Lisa for all your support. You have no idea how it helped.

All of you have been so truly wonderful and I am blessed to have a great community here at the bumpkin blog. It is my hope we can just keep growing and growing. Supporting each other not only in our creative endeavors but forming personal relationships to make this one heck of a gathering place!

Anyways, with out further yapping from this ole Bumpkin here she is…

Lisa Yaker from Andee Designs

Andee Designs was created by two moms. Lisa is the mother of three boys and an interior designer but when she and her family recently relocated to Panama, she had to close her firm in Florida and become a stay-at-home mom. Blanca is the mother of two, a boy and a girl. She has a fine art background and is also a professional translator. While the kids keep their lives very busy, they were both in need of a creative outlet. The friends were looking for something different, unique, something they could make but also sell.

Years ago Lisa had bought a necklace with a photo pendant of her two older boys on it. When she was pregnant with the baby, she called about ordering a new one, but sadly they were no longer making them. It was then that the idea was born, “I’ll make one myself” Lisa said. So they began their business venture with the idea for the necklaces and quickly realized the potential to expand the line to other accessories and a men's collection as well. By now you might be wondering, “So who is Andee? Actually, it’s the initials of Lisa and Blanca’s 5 children in age order. “It happened to spell out a cute name so we used it!”

Their collection of photo jewelry and accessories includes items for “her” such as necklaces, bracelets, purse hangers, key chains, business card holders, cell phone charms and many more. The men’s collection is growing quickly with cuff links, which are currently the number one seller, money clips, key chains and business card holders, as well as some men’s jewelry. They also started a home collection, including wine bottle toppers, wine glass charms and also a holiday collection of Christmas Ornaments. They have also recently created a custom, sterling silver design of necklaces, bracelets and of course cufflinks that will be available online this month!

Best of all, Lisa and Blanca believe in low, affordable prices! “We wanted a product that was an amazing gift and still affordable in this economy.” You will find other comparable products online at double their prices. Andee Designs products are a unique gift idea – All of their accessories are keepsakes, your photo is reproduced and permanently sealed onto the item of your choice, with a water and scratch resistant resin, giving your gift a beautiful glass-like finish, guaranteed to bring a smile to its recipient; but beware…sometimes you get tears too!

PLEASE PLEASE visit Andee Designs online…


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