Monday, March 15


So today we are going to hear from a great gal I met through Etsy. I asked hr to tell us a little bit about herself and her work. I hope you enjoy!

Hi everyone - I am Joann Temple, also known online and in my ETSY Shop as Jodaycraf. I am a lifelong resident of Delaware, the Small Wonder, and the third of four daughters in my family. My first attempt at creativity was trying to make Christmas presents for my three sisters. I took a needle and thread and toilet paper, and attempted to make rosettes. If I remember correctly, the attempted rosettes were a little sad. But, I had fun trying. I haven’t stopped creating since then. I have dabbled with ceramics, cross stitch, wreaths, and silk flower arrangements.

I have always loved jewelry, and remember on many instances looking through my Mom’s or my Nanny’s jewelry. I would try on the jewelry and imagine myself transported to another place. I still have a few pieces of my Mom’s jewelry and my Nanny’s jewelry which I enjoy wearing.

I am inspired by the beads themselves. I don’t usually plan a project, but sit down with my beads and draw my inspiration from the shapes, textures, and color. Then I just start creating from that point forward. I am also inspired by nature, and the beauty of the world. I love the creative process of going from a pile of beads to a lovely necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

I really enjoy working with natural stones, such as Turquoise, Goldstone, and Jasper – there are so many more. I also enjoy scouting for lovely vintage pieces, which are also in my ETSY Shop.

I am very new to Blogging. My Blog is I need to work on my Blogging skills, and am currently reading a lot of Blogs to determine which direction I want to take. I am still a little lost in this area, but hope to improve soon.

ETSY Shop:
What is Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry?
I have a Rose Rhodonite Necklace that is my current favorite in my Shop. I can’t say I have a favorite in my personal jewelry. It just depends upon the day.

My ETSY Shop is jodaycraf. I currently carry items for sale which include handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelet, and also some Vintage. I have a lot of beads and supplies so will be getting creative real soon to expand my shop’s offering. Happy Crafting!!

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